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Levels One and Two are packaged as the introduction to the Work of Gila Golub, and are held over two separate weekends, usually scheduled one month apart.


Each of these workshops includes dynamic teaching and experiential processes which begin the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness, from a fear-based belief system to a love-based belief system. To ensure that each participant is completely supported and facilitated, there is at least one trained team member for every two participants. These workshops will profoundly transform your life, and your legacy.


At this time all workshops, as well as private sessions, are being held online via Zoom

To participate in the workshops or to be put on a wait list, please contact Gila to arrange a chat. 

Please include your phone number in your email message.

Registration Now Open

FALL 2024  LEVEL 1 WORKSHOP :: September 20th, 21st, & 22nd,  2024

FALL 2024  LEVEL 2 WORKSHOP :: October 18th, 19th & 20th, 2024

“WHAT’S YOUR WAKE-UP CALL?” -  Wake-up calls come in different levels of intensity throughout one’s life. A wake-up call might be an illness or an injury, a car crash, a loss of income or difficulty in relationships. In Level One we focus on the Family of Origin to show how these relationships shape our responses to the wake-up calls we encounter. Using a Clearing Process we learn about the messages that we took on from our environment that continue to run our lives, and then how to release and replace those messages. In keeping with the philosophy that our thoughts create our reality, we learn many ways to change our thoughts so that over time we create a life of peace, prosperity, health and joy. We complete Level One standing together, with like-minded people, and with guidance, continue to support one another.

Fall Level 1 "What's Your Wake-up Call?" Schedule

FRIDAY         September 20th      7 - 9 pm

SATURDAY   September 21st      9:30 am - 6:30 pm

SUNDAY       September 22nd     9:30 am - 6:30 pm

In Level Two – “RELATIONSHIP AS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE”,  we explore how we have brought our unresolved Family of Origin issues into all of our current relationships and how we are definitely passing those unresolved issues onto our children. The acclaimed neuroscientist and UCLA professor Dr Daniel Siegel stresses “how a deeper self-understanding can help us raise children who thrive.” We also learn about how our relationships serve as mirrors, showing us those parts of ourselves we have not yet accepted and healed. Dysfunctional relationships are central to human suffering, so repairing and healing relationships, especially the relationship with Self, is the most important part and greatest focus of The Work.

Fall Level 2 "Relationship as Spiritual Practice" Schedule

FRIDAY         October 18th      7 - 9 pm

SATURDAY   October 19th      9:30 am - 6:30 pm

SUNDAY       October 20th      9:30 am - 6:30 pm

Please note:

  • Maximum number of participants per workshop: 20

  • All payments are non-refundable

  • The teachings and processes of these introductory workshops build on each other so participants must be available for both entire weekends.

What clients are saying:

“…I am so encouraged and inspired by the particular way Gila has blended various disciplines with the teachings of many gifted and great teachers. The result is something to see and experience! And although the message is powerful beyond measure, it is the messenger who is key.  The group format was the area of greatest concern for me, yet I see now how skillfully the group dynamic is used to the participant’s advantage. The participants were well screened, the group was very well facilitated and the environment was engaged, supportive, open and safe. I am honored to have shared in some truly amazing breakthroughs, some such as I’ve never seen before. I believe Gila to be one of those rare teachers one does not find often in life and I recommend EVERYONE give themselves the gift of participating in her workshops." - Emily Petersen, Psychologist

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