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Gila is currently facilitating all private sessions via Zoom.

To book an appointment, please call 604-261-4112.


Private sessions are an essential and integral part of the effectiveness of the program and can be a place of incredible insights, release and breakthroughs.


The first private session includes creating a multi-generational map of your family system. Each private session is a half day intensive one-on-one and may incorporate many disciplines including PSYCH-K®, Breathwork, Byron Katie’s Inquiry Process, guided meditations, Shadow Work and Clearings. Six private sessions are recommended annually.





” …The Work of Gila Golub shined a guiding light upon my loss, betrayal and despair. With compassion, empathy and great skill this gifted teacher illuminated the way through, helping me peel away and shed the layers of victim hood, helplessness, self-sabotage, depression and hopelessness. Grief had been my constant companion; now, each day brings a joy. Gila Golub guided and supported me through the Death of my old self. She changed my life. I am forever grateful.“ Rita Costanzi, former Professor of Harp, NYU

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