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ALL CIRCLES are currently held on zoom.

THE TUESDAY NIGHT CIRCLE is an ongoing support group for those who have completed the Level 1 Workshop. These evenings are facilitated by Gila in Vancouver and Britta in Sidney.  They provide an opportunity to continue to work with the processes begun in the workshops and private sessions. It is understood that learning a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and living, takes a great deal of practice and support. As in the workshops, our Circles are a place of incredible safety.


Every Tuesday, we have the exceptional opportunity to guide and support each other in remembering, practicing and integrating the tools and information of The Work, so that they are available moment-by-moment in our daily life, where it really counts.

Our men's circle which was founded by José Gavina is also held on Zoom for those men who have completed the introductory workshops.

“…Like many others I was very resistant to doing group work, and I was blown away by how beautiful and powerful it is. What did I come away with? The biggest thing was knowing that there is a community of supportive and nonjudgmental people who are there to help each other…“ Maureen Lum, Real Estate Professional






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