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The Work is presented in a program that consists of three distinct workshops, the first of which combines Level 1 & 2 into two weekend workshops, one month apart.  Levels 1 & 2 are where one begins their journey with The Work of Gila Golub.  Gila’s work is unique and effective because it is a complete transformational curriculum, beginning with a foundational introduction, supported by ongoing group and deep personal work, culminating in Level 3, an intensive eight day retreat. Private sessions and an ongoing Tuesday night Circle provide continued support.


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The Level One and Two Workshops are packaged as the introduction to the Work of Gila Golub, and are held on two separate weekends, usually scheduled one month apart. Each of these workshops includes dynamic teaching and experiential processes which begin the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness, from a fear-based belief system to a love-based belief system.


To ensure that each participant is completely supported and facilitated, there is at least one trained team member for every two participants. These workshops will profoundly transform your life, and your legacy.

“…Gila’s ability to integrate the work of many of our great teachers is incredibly motivating to me as a parent and a teacher. Above all, her insights and compassionate support, both privately and in a group are invaluable as I recreate my life from a painful divorce. I have been given new tools”  Esther Chase, Waldorf Teacher

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