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Next Vancouver Team Training ::  

To be announced

After participation in Levels One and Two, clients are eligible to take training to be on the Support Team at workshops. This provides the opportunity to take the Levels One and Two workshops over and over again at no cost, and to continue to integrate The Work in your life.


Understanding that learning a new way thinking takes a great deal of practice, one of the most effective ways to integrate this work and transform your life is to “BE IN THE ROOM“. The way to do this is to be on TEAM. If you would like to be on team, you must attend team training and be available for an entire workshop. more information & details


“…Gila is incredibly skilled at connecting the dots by tapping into many modalities and this has turned a harsh skeptic into a trusting, loving, soft-hearted mother. Gila’s weekly circle and the opportunity to be on her team for all courses keeps me focused and conscious.

I have healed and joined with my mother, unthinkable before I met Gila. Now my daughter has two loving and caring parents at her side, thanks to the work I have done and continue to do with Gila. I am particularly inspired by the way that Gila has transformed her own life and by how she shares that life with all of us.” - Christine Boecker, Neufeld Parent Educator and Travel Agent


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