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Doing the work to heal ourselves requires dedication and the support of other like minded people. To support those who are committed, Gila provides private one-on-one sessions, weekly circles, Team Training for the opportunity to “be on team”  to facilitate that growth.


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“As a ‘woundology’ veteran, I want to thank you for the opportunity to experience the depth and range of the tools you’ve assembled. I know I’ve only seen the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and am very much excited about the process of integrating what I’ve been exposed to so far, to say nothing about what awaits further along the road.


The most significant impact for me, was the experience of witnessing you in your work… your passion, depth of knowledge, and caring were not only obvious, but were punctuated time and again by your style and flair. “ 

– Jim Sumi, BSc BArch

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