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I am beyond words grateful to you. I often have moments of thinking back to the path I was on prior to coming to work with you. I think about the decisions I was making and the point of view I had about so many things - my relationship with my husband  and our children as the most centrally important. I was really on track to fracture my family even more deeply. And yet, here I am, finding my way and seeing miracles happen in my family - in our relationships, in the boys’ happiness and growth, and, most importantly, in myself. My life is forever changed. And not just personally, but also professionally. Working with you has transformed how I see everything. It is the foundation now and forevermore of all that I will offer the world. 


I love this life. I love you. 

- Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, Registered Psychologist


I want to tell you how much I appreciate YOU ~ everything, about you. 

Yes ~ WHAT you do for people in terms of healing, AND not just the what, it is the HOW you do it.

So many "how’s" but just for some examples....I LOVE just love love, love your sense of humour.... how direct you are - how you slice through layers upon layers of WHATEVER it is and just reach in and get to the CORE of the matter and shake it in front of us so we are SURE to see it and GET IT too.

It would be fun (yet painful) to see how many thousands of dollars I would have saved in therapist bills if I had known of you and started working with you years and years ago!!

- Rachel Speiran


In a nutshell, doing Gila's work has saved my family. Weeks before doing Level 1, I was meeting with a divorce lawyer. Now, months later and after completing Levels 1, 2 and 3 my family is together. My husband and I are in a loving, committed relationship and my children can now thrive. The tools Gila shares can transform your life, whatever struggles and blocks you are facing. Level 3 was the most incredible week I have ever experienced. I loved everything about it and felt safe and vulnerable and so beautifully held in the loving arms of everyone there. It was life changing. My heartfelt gratitude to Gila, the Team, the Apprentices and all present. 
                                                                                                          - Sarah Cormack, Radiation Therapist



As a born searcher, I've taken all the trips...LSD, Psilocybin, Ecstasy, you name it. I've seen the sun rise over ancient canyons resonant with light. I've danced all night at transformational festivals to witness a hypnotic dawn. I've meditated, done yoga, been therapized...I've got all the badges and diplomas. And in all those experiences, I've never once experienced as direct and immediate a spiritual shift as in Gila's Breathwork. It drilled directly into my brain stem, bypassing my skeptical cortex and purging me of toxic emotions that had been poisoning my life, my work and my relationships. But it isn't the technique that is key - it's the community of committed souls that Gila so carefully weaves and draws to herself, and in that room, one can finally find rest. 

Ryan Szarko, Speech Language Pathologist


Although I’ve done many courses over the last 30 years, their teachings often lacked the substance I was searching for. Other courses may have touched on solutions, but it’s Gila’s course that taught me  “we are all wounded children” and her course is THE ONLY course that actually taught me how to deal with that knowledge. 

Gila is an extraordinary teacher with 50 years of wisdom and she puts her entire soul into her work. Her guidance was concise, direct and supportive to make sure I really got the message. Gila also has a wonderful team of grounded individuals and really wonderful listeners. She also provided continuous support every week in person which is such a blessing and no other courses that I've taken offer this level of support. 

She’s without question one of the most amazing communicators,  leaders and Teachers  I have ever experienced. The courses that I have taken with her – I will absolutely never forget, and even better, I’ll never be the same after taking her work!

- Bill Goold



Thank you and your team so much for a life altering experience. I was super nervous and scared on Friday and as the days went on and in the safe environment, I felt myself opening up like never before. In our culture, opening up and being vulnerable is frowned upon but it was so freeing to do it. I could finally release what was keeping me stuck and holding me back. That was something new for me.


By Sunday, I felt generations of unloving and unworthiness release from within by understanding what my grandmas went through and what they must have been feeling and holding onto their whole lives.  And then I got to tell myself, and them, that we are all loveable and worthy. 


I am so thankful for everything that led me to you and your team and for the opportunity to do the work, gain new perceptions and keep evolving. I am not a hugger but by Sunday if I could have I would have given everyone a big bear hug. The space felt so safe and filled with love. I have never experienced that before and it was life changing. I am starting to embrace who I am for the first time in my life and to see me and others in a whole new way. 


You touched my heart and I could feel your love. I felt heard and seen for the first time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Joti Deol, Accountant


After more than 30 years spent in the pursuit of understanding ways to effect positive changes in myself and the world, Level 3 has given me better tools and resulted in greater change than all of my previous experience combined.


Stacking [Consecutive] Breathwork for 8 days is amazing. Intentions seem to be met in greater ways than I could have imagined.  Your follow–up is equally amazing in that you continue to deliver unforeseen insights and wisdom.


Gila, thank you for Level 3, what an amazing experience. The combination of your knowledge, your intuition, and panache and the team all added up to a milestone in my life. The most significant impact for me, was the experience of witnessing you in your work… your passion, depth of knowledge, and caring were not only obvious, but were punctuated time and again by your clarity of expression.


– Jim Sumi, BSc BArch



My Dear Gila,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity to get to really connect and have the most important relationship with myself, one that has been neglected for so long. I want to thank you and the most amazing team from the bottom of my heart. I am absolutely speechless how transforming this has been for me and will continue to be with years to come with the ongoing support you offer.

- Andrea Hambly, Business Manager


Gila’s work encompasses the thinking of our greatest and most enlightened minds. She has absorbed the best of their teachings and brilliantly distils and weaves a tapestry of learning and healing modalities creating an ideal environment for her clients to become more conscious and experience a deeper sense of peace and happiness. 

- John Bruce, Engineer 



I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude for your guidance which steered me to my path of consciousness.   It started with you helping me to make sense of who and why I had become what I had become.  Most importantly, you showed me why my son was desperately struggling with multiple suicide attempts.  Your greatest gift to me is that you pulled my family back from the very edge of it.  My son is now able to be at rest in his father’s love and acceptance thanks to your profound knowledge of ‘attachment theory’.  My Son and I are truly connected for the first time and he is strong and thriving and boldly taking steps to take his place in this world.  I really have no words that could possibly express my sense of indebtedness and gratitude to you Gila.  My only way to repay this debt of Karmic proportions has been to do my best to show up to continue on my path and to support you in your loving intention to share your teachings with others.


I am taken by a sense of awe and wonder at your capacity to manifest love and acceptance of Self and Other in a room with 40 people for an entire weekend.  Add two ferry rides, one sitting at a table with a man whose childhood was so damaging that he can barely hold one thought of his own for 5 seconds.  And yet, you are strong, clear, purposeful, dynamic, engaging, devoted, authentic and incredibly effective.  You lead by the example of your own life bared open to us all without reservation.  I continue to be astonished with your energy levels.  You are a most rare and amazing human being and I witness you becoming more, not less, with the passing of the time since we first met.


With deepest expression of gratitude and love


- Steven Fast, Commercial Realtor 


I am so encouraged and inspired by the particular way Gila has blended various disciplines with the teachings of many gifted and great teachers. The result is something to see and experience! And although the message is powerful beyond measure, it is the messenger who is key.  The group format was the area of greatest concern for me, yet I see now how skillfully the group dynamic is used to the participant’s advantage. The participants were well screened, the group was very well facilitated and the environment was engaged, supportive, open and safe. I am honored to have shared in some truly amazing breakthroughs, some such as I’ve never seen before. I believe Gila to be one of those rare teachers one does not find often in life and I recommend EVERYONE give themselves the gift of participating in her workshops.


- Emily Petersen, Psychologist


After the collapse of my second marriage, I was unable to find effective counseling until I met Gila Golub and participated in her program for the ensuing 4.5 years. I grew up in a family where there was no room for my feelings and where I thought I had to be a “rescuer” and through my work with Gila, I realized that I recreated this dynamic in subsequent relationships. I am blessed and grateful that as a result of my commitment to “The Work” of this gifted teacher, my wife and I are reunited… my family saved and my legacy changed.


- John de Haas, Police Inspector



"In my 27 year career, everything important I have ever learned about work relationships and communication, I learned in Gila's Level 1/2 workshops.  She gets to the root cause, which is the heart of the matter and the pathway for change."


- Tami Cartwright, MBA, Manager Global Payroll 



When I met Gila, my marriage was full of anger and stress and our son was very ill. We were seeking help everywhere including frequent trips to Children Hospital in Vancouver from central BC with no change or healing in any of the problems that we were facing. 


When I saw how some of my extended family were thriving after working with Gila, I decided to take a chance and do the workshops myself.  Now my marriage is loving and my son is healthy!  From the beginning Gila told me that our children express what is between the parents and behind the parents and I didn’t believe her.  As I did my own work to heal my own mind my marriage began to heal and my son’s health transformed.  We are so grateful to have been introduced to and participate in this unique and incredibly effective program. It is such a privilege now to attend the workshops on Team and watch so many others bringing peace and health to their lives.

- Chelann Tobin, RN


The Work of Gila Golub and her dedicated team changed the trajectory of my life. Before this work I was living my life in and out of fear, anxiety, victimhood and negative self talk. There is an incredibly powerful vulnerability to group work that just doesn't exist in the 1:1 arena and must be experienced first hand to truly know. Gila does not merely offer one off workshops, she builds a foundational community of support that lasts a lifetime. The facilitation, professionalism and dedication to healing is phenomenal. If you are struggling with abundance, relationships or your health and genuinely want to heal your life, I urge you to give Gila a call and see if you are a good fit to work together. If you want peace, joy and meaning in your life more than you want pain, suffering and drama then this is the place for you.

- Katie Webster, Professional Coach


Level 3 has been the BEST week of my life.  Thank you deeply for the gift of the cradling, there are not even words.  The organization, orchestration and authenticity brought by Gila and Team was flawlessly executed creating an optimal healing environment.


- Carrie Ann Heighton



I came to save my marriage. The tools I received during the workshops, opened my eyes and my heart not only to my husband but to my amazing children, parents, brothers, friends and most importantly to myself. I no longer demand, beg and wait for help to heal my wounds and fill my needs, but know that I, and only I, have the power to do so. I have regained my power and my healing has started.


My children and friends felt and saw the change I was experiencing and said I looked “lighter” and “20 years younger”. The friction that was a constant in our everyday life is gone. In its place there is a sweet, loving interaction. I will forever be grateful to Gila and the team for supporting me and helping me make the breakthrough in spite of my resistance. Giving me the space I needed while guiding me to the place I am in today. Thank you.


- Yael Levy, Mother of 3, Wife, BA Economics and Management



When I met Gila, I was well on my way to my second divorce, was desperately unhappy with my husband and so very ‘in-love’ with someone else and my family was on the verge of being ripped apart.


With great skill and patience, Gila guided and mentored me from feeling hopeless, stuck and not good enough to a place I had never been… completely committed to myself and my marriage or as Gila likes to say “two feet in”. My husband and I are so grateful for Gila’s passionate commitment to the family unit.  Our gratitude is for our relationship, for our children and for our legacy.


- Sarah David, Artist, Qualicum Beach, BC



During my third week of my second year of university, I became overwhelmed in my struggle with depression.  I wanted to quit my lifelong passion as a musician.  I returned home and sought help from a psychologist to no avail.  It was then that my hometown music teacher highly recommended that I meet with Gila.  At my first meeting with Gila, through her unparalleled experience and insight, she was able to identify what was holding me back and continues to guide me through an “inherited burden”.  Without Gila’s guidance, I would not have returned to my passion and completed my second year of university.  After every session with Gila, I find new ways to transcend the physical limitations of my instrument.  Through Gila’s devoted counsel to heal from the effects of the inherited trauma, I know that I can take my place as the musician I am meant to be.  Now, I feel this incredible sense of unconditional love for myself.  For the first time in my life I feel good enough, I feel at peace.  I feel God’s eternal light (as strongly as I did during my last Breathwork session with Gila) in every moment of every day.  The ego mind is still there, but I know that my soul is strong and innocent.  Thank you Gila!

- Malcolm Shier, Classical Musician


The single greatest learning experience of my life!

The work of Gila Golub has changed my life more than anything that I have learned to date.  Not only has the work profoundly improved my personal relationships, but ALL of my relationships.  What surprised me, was how it changed the work I do with the families who have children with Autism.  I have spent most of my life studying and developing this work, and have amassed degrees, awards, and financial success, but Gila reminded me of something I always knew;  in order to help others, I first had to help myself.


I have been to several counselors over the past 5 years, and all had diagnosed these same issues, but I did not feel the treatment path was successful for me.  In a few moments, I knew that Gila had identified a path that would.  It changed my relationship with myself, and in turn with my parents, my partner and my children.


While I was initially hesitant about working in a group, this turned out to be incredibly powerful.  I had the good fortune to be in a room with people of all different ages and cultures and found that everyone’s story was my story and everyone’s work was my work.  I also learned that there were many individual paths that we could take and there was a community to support my journey.


- David Loyst, M.Sc. (SLP),  Autism Consultant,

  Loyst and Associates Autism Services Inc.



Just wanted to tell you much I appreciate you and the changes in my thinking you have helped me to make.


I am so very grateful for having healed the relationship with my Dad since doing Level III. I went from being convinced that I hated my dad, had nothing in common with him and wanting no relationship with him to where I am today. I just got off the phone with him (something that happens pretty regularly now instead of the once a year phone call previously). And this time – for the very first time that I recall in my life – he told me he loved me even before I told him the same.


How lucky am I that I found you? Thank you for the blessings you have facilitated in my life.


- Corinne Feenie, Barrister & Solicitor



Gila uses her amazing presence, exceptional presentation skills and clarity of expression to educate. She constantly reminds me what faith, compassion, wisdom, love and empathy look like, and in so doing, allows me to see those attributes in myself.


- Garry Hunt



After twenty-five years of doing personal growth work, I can say that Gila’s program is by far the most well-constructed, well presented, and effective work that I have ever done. From the introductory Levels 1 and 2 workshops and the spectacularly effective and beautiful week-long residential Level 3, to the weekly Tuesday night Circles and the opportunities to be on the “team”,  The Work of Gila Golub has inspired, guided and supported me to heal my early wounds.


I am especially grateful for the Breathwork seminars that provide so many breakthroughs of understanding along with the release of stress in my body. They are extremely well-facilitated like no other and I believe truly expedite the healing and growth process. If you are as fortunate as I was to find The Work of Gila Golub, I encourage you to embrace the opportunity at once. You’ll be thankful you did.


- Lois Kelly, Graphic Designer



Gila’s approach to relationships is masterful.  I am amazed by the way she lays out such a solid foundation in her workshops so that we can build on them to understand and transform our early wounding and repair all our relationships.  The ongoing support of Tuesday circles and private sessions ensures that we will not “fall back to sleep”.  What an incredibly effective program!


Gila’s integration of family systems theory and family constellation work into my private sessions and at Circle has brought about an awareness of how I took on beliefs and patterns that were passed on from previous generations. I have been blown away by the power of this work and of learning that the trauma that came down through my family system does not have to run my life or be passed on to my children and that it can end with me.


- Charlie Mackenzie, Real Estate Professional



As I begin a new chapter, becoming a grandmother, there are no words to describe how thankful I am that time and again I travelled over a thousand miles to see Gila. Through working with this great teacher for many years my life has turned from a nightmare into a beautiful dream.  Through this process of healing, many in my family have been touched, and moved towards healing their lives so that our children can be raised out of love and attachment instead of fear and guilt.  I am eternally grateful for your brilliant and devoted guidance.


- Koni Klein, Barber of 27 years & Real Estate Agent & Mother of 8



Dear Gila, Even if I don’t know you this well I know that you helped my whole family and myself.


You teach my parents how to stay together, and really I was so happy when I heard that they will stay together.  All this happiness that came into my house came directly from your heart and I know it.  I don’t know how much family you put back together or helping people to feel great in their self but I know one thing, It [is] that you saved my family and I will never know how to say thank you!


But I will tell you that and it came directly from my heart!!  Thank you and even if I don’t know you really good, I love you and thank you to give happiness to my family.


- Taїs Audibert, 12 year old student with English as a second language



I was hesitant about doing group work, but after seeing how my husband really shifted in such a positive way how he interacted with me and our children after taking Gila Golub’s Level 2 workshop, I decided to do the workshops myself. It has been nothing short of transformative. In such a safe environment, as participants we learn as much from each other’s experiences as our own – it was amazing to discover how similar the core issues are that so many of us face within ourselves. Through the work I have been doing, I am finding a level of joy and ease and peace in my life that I have never felt before. What a gift this has been for me!


- Sarah Plank, Communications Consultant, Victoria, B.C.



I was born into a revolution and a war inside my family and my country, Iran. I have struggled with depression and feelings of not ever being good enough or belonging for my whole life. Gila’s gentle guidance through her workshops and her willingness to work with me one-on-one has given me the ability to begin releasing some of the early wounds and trauma. For the first time in my life I feel that I belong and for that I am so very grateful.


- Bijan Mirderikpiand



Belovéd Professora,


My thoughts travel the great distance of this continent and carry me to your home where my inner work and exploration began, all those years ago.  Meeting you and overcoming such inner resistance to doing group work……….the mother Clearing, the father Clearing, the laughter and fears: sharing stories, cups of tea, longings, questions and always, “Is it true?”


And though I certainly do not have all the answers or solutions to life’s challenges, there I am in a room in Brazil, in Canada, in Venezuela or America, facilitating the break-through of students: transforming and healing and giving hope and courage. There are no words to express this depth of Gratitude and Appreciation… only a Love and Acknowledgement so vast, fathomless, deep and wide.


Thank you ever and again for accompanying me with your infinite Love, Wisdom, Fierce Guidance and complete unwillingness to co-depend. I love and miss you more than these humble words can express.


- Rita Costanzi, Professor of Harp, NY



I want to express how grateful I am for your commitment to us. Your insight, experience and AMAZING ABILITY to connect the dots is one of the greatest blessings of my life. I thank God every day for you because you have changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  Thank you for believing in me when I had given up and said I was shutting down my business.  Because of our ongoing relationship and your faith and guidance, I have turned my business into the tremendous success it is today.


I have created a life of love, peace, abundance and health. I am most grateful to you for my wonderful family and for “walking the talk” and having the courage to share your life and process with all of us. You are my inspiration and I will cherish you for the rest of my life.


- Steffen Waite, Engineer


Gila is incredibly skilled at connecting the dots by tapping into many modalities and this has turned a harsh skeptic into a trusting, loving, soft-hearted mother. Gila’s weekly circle and the opportunity to be on her team for all courses keeps me focused and conscious. I have repaired the relationship and reconnected with my mother, unthinkable before I met Gila.


Now my daughter has two loving and caring parents at her side, thanks to the work I have done and continue to do with Gila. I am particularly inspired by the way that Gila has transformed her own life and by how she shares that life with all of us. I am also inspired by her integrity, and, her unwavering commitment and ability to effect change in others.


- Christine Boecker, Neufeld Parent Educator and Travel Agent




Gila Golub kicked my ass into consciousness and I hit the ground running……doing Gila’s work is like boot camp for your soul.  Like anything, if you stick with it, your life will improve in ways you may never have imagined. Now, I’ve got consciousness memory, like muscle memory, when I forget the tools are is there for me so that I can choose a better way to think/live. I’ve met some of my dearest friends at Circle that I’ll have for the rest of my life, and for that, there’s no words to express my gratitude. Luv ya Gila!


- Robyn Simons



I was very reluctant to participate in the workshops because I was afraid of being vulnerable and judged.  What I experienced was quite the opposite… My observation was that Gila’s team were not only devoted to their own ongoing work by being there but also committed to those starting the process.  Although we may work issues in group, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to share or not and I have noticed that in listening to other people’s stories and processes I have found amazing insight of my own.


- Carol De Haas, Credit Union General Manager



I am getting married for the first time at the age of 44. If it wasn’t for all the work I have done with Gila, I would have sabotaged this relationship long before it stood a chance to grow into a commitment that has led to our engagement. Over time and with great skill and patience Gila has taught me to have a loving relationship with myself despite being completely abandoned by my father before I was born and now my healthy relationship with myself is being reflected back to me by my life partner.


- Michaela Slars, Financial Education Coach



When I came to work with Gila many years ago, I was in a very dysfunctional marriage. I had extra-marital relations and suffered deep sexual guilt stemming from my early childhood. I was convinced my life would end soon from an illness created by my outlook on life. I was at rock bottom, sabotaging health, career and relationships. Then I met Gila Golub and my faith was restored. Gila showed me “the way out” and helped me change the way I perceived the world and myself which has made all the difference. Now I am living a life I never dreamed possible. I have a wonderful marriage and great relationships with our three incredibly beautiful children. What I am most grateful for is being able to reach you and be lovingly guided by you when there is a challenge or crisis in my life. Thank you Gila.


- Reg Quiring, Violist


Thank you for giving me a community of people to share my spiritual practice, a place of belonging. The work has helped me heal the relationships in my life. I don’t know of any other teacher who has created such a vibrant and effective Circle for over 20 years. You are truly unique in the world and I’m so grateful.


- Andrea Hadley, Partner and President Strategy Media

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Your breadth of knowledge, delivered flawlessly with love, grace, understanding and a whole lot of style is something to behold and experience. Like all the participants, I am in awe and overflowing with gratitude for the work you have shared and the spaces you’ve created.  You have saved my children from isolating and on-going depression and my family by showing me how to heal these relationships. There is no greater gift!


I am so grateful that you have created “Circle” and all this follow up so we are able to stay connected and be supported in our ongoing journey.  What a wonder that we can all come together from different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and experiences and fall in love with one another… and over Zoom nonetheless!! 

- Lisa VanAndel


Thank you, Gila, from the bottom of my heart. Your brilliantly compiled and executed workshop, along with your pure dedication, has the power to transform families, perspectives, and lives. I know because you have transformed mine! Your work brings so much LIGHT to the world!! Level one and two were time and money well spent. 

- Tamara Veitch, Author



Darling Gila, With an immense amount of gratitude, I thank you for the opportunity to have taken Level 1 and 2 privately and then Level 1 and 2 in a group workshop on Zoom.  You, the team, and fellow participants have changed my life and brought me to a love-based belief system that is healing myself, my family and son with autism spectrum disorder.


Through the beauty of zoom, I was able to participate in an incredibly powerful group environment.  The safe space created to connect with the fellow participants and team has been life changing.  Seeing the vulnerability, the empathy in connecting with one another's 'stories' and sharing, allowed the work to land in ways I could have never imagined had I not done this as a group.  The group workshop gave me the permission to take my guard down, be free of my own defenses and judgement and overcome limiting beliefs.  The unconditional love, support and safe container brought through Zoom was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I now have a whole community of individuals healing their own minds to lean into.  I have finally come home and feel at rest.


- Carly Rezaie, Entrepreneur


Gila's workshops are small with an incredible amount of work going into preparing for your arrival into the safe space that she holds. The workshop was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. The wisdom and tools that I learned allow me to take personal responsibility for myself and my actions for the rest of my life. It’s liberating and empowering.


- Scott Hawthorn, Co-founder/CEO Native Shoes


I recently finished the Level 1 and 2 workshops. In one word: Transformative. My life has a new path to follow and for that I will be eternally gratefully to Gila and her program. Gila and her work simply and effectively make everything that happens and has happened in our lives make sense. This program is for everyone even if you think you have got it all! It's not only Gila and her vast vast vast amounts of knowledge, experience, and expertise, it's the team members who have done the programs and come to the workshops to support. Nobody feels like a stranger and the amount of love and support in the room is like nothing I have ever felt or even knew was possible.


- Jamie Sisler, 36, Sales Executive


I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough for the unbelievable Level 3 experience. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself in my entire life. I have already begun to integrate the work at home and professionally.


I have spent years and years and a ridiculous amount of money on "therapy."  At the age of 53, I found Gila Golub and her masterful curriculum, which is an interdisciplinary approach to REALLY understanding, my ego behaviours, and how I have created and recreated patterns that no longer serve.


Attending Gila’s Level 3, eight day “master class” in 2019, was a profound and pivotal experience. It enabled more self-love, self acceptance, and understanding than I could have ever imagined.


Simply, Gila Golub is a change agent whose lives and teaches consciousness. I am forever grateful to her for showing me how a shift in perception can create ripples throughout my world.


- Dr. Nan Stevens, PhD Education


Gila, I was thinking about you this weekend, and reflecting on the impact you and your Work have had (are having) in my life. I could not possibly have imagined such ripples of love washing through me and over our whole family system. I did not know, such a thing was even possible!   Thank you!

- Sally Kaldor Douglas, Kaldor Brand Strategy & Design



Thank you so very much for creating a wonderfully supportive and awake learning space and continuously giving of yourself each week so that each one of us can heal and grow into the best versions of ourselves. You are truly an enlightened soul and amazing teacher! 

- Loa Fridfinnson, Entrepreneur



I am so honoured to have been on Team for the virtual workshops. Thank you for your courage and for creating this sacred Zoom space. Your voice and words are powerful and compassionate. I can feel your love as you teach and share your vast knowledge and guide us to stay present and support us as we fall asleep. I am forever grateful to you Gila and for your work. 

- Mary Ealden



Dearest Gila, I have not found the words to describe what the workshop did for my soul. While I am at the very beginning of this journey walking through the gate fills me with courage and excitement. The concept of "choosing our partner" to heal our wounds is exceptionally liberating and "no new stories just recycled ones" were key takeaways for me. I thank you for sharing your personal stories as it made my journey relatable and gave me the encouragement to see my challenge for what it is with the willingness to love what is!


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the weekly circles that keep me awake and evolving.

 - Karin Studer, Entrepreneur


I was terrified of the idea of ‘group work’ -- to be vulnerable in a room of strange people was almost unthinkable, until I enrolled in Gila’s workshops. I have since come to realize that the space Gila holds is the safest and most supportive environment I’ve ever experienced, and she has completely redefined what the role of teacher is in my mind. Her group work is transformational and is the best possible way to learn, especially for people whom, like myself, learn best by observing. 


Gila's approach and meticulous preparation is artfully curated, and likely why her work is so effective for many. Her ability to distill the complex, guide, nurture, and provide ongoing support to an ever growing community, is truly life changing. I’m learning to have greater compassion for myself and have so much more peace in my life, and I will forever be grateful for being introduced to Gila and her wonderful team.


- Mark Nishiguchi, B.Des., Entrepreneur


My inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) kept me from working outside our home, my marriage was falling apart, and my heart was breaking for my little children. 

My naturopath sent me to Gila’s workshops to heal my IBD because he recognized that the underlying causes were more emotional than physical. 

Gila’s workshops are a brilliant and spectacular weaving of many disciplines (including Attachment Theory) which makes them so incredibly effective. 

What blows me away is how Gila’s mind works – how she is able to cut through any ‘story’ to see the traumas that have impacted and limited my family system for generations, and make sense of them so that I can release the effects of these traumas in my life and the lives of my children. 

As a result, the IBD is gone and I was able to go back to school and get a diploma. After working further with Gila on my ‘consciousness of deserving’, I got a tremendously fulfilling job with a great income, my marriage is thriving, and my children are happy in our home. 

I will be forever grateful to this masterful teacher and her incredibly well-trained team.  If you are struggling to find help with any issue, I strongly encourage you to phone Gila.  She will give you her time and her full attention - she will help you.

- Tony Markovic, CAD Designer


It took years to get me in the room even after hearing wonderful things about the workshops from people I trust. I was terrified of doing group work. After taking the leap of faith and overcoming my judgements and fears, these two weekend workshops have completely healed my life and transformed what was already a fantastic marriage to an even sweeter one-because I am learning to fall more deeply in love with myself!

To be a participant in these workshops is an amazing experience….something you just can’t get from books!

I was completely amazed at how comfortable I was in such a short time.  The support of the team is incredible.  No one has ever captured my attention for such a long period of time until listening to Gila.  I found myself mesmerized and intrigued by her every word.  The pieces finally came together!

I went into the workshop with so much self-doubt, blame, frustration & guilt; and came out of it filled with so much revelation, enlightenment, joy, and self-love. I can't say thank you enough!

- Deb Hayden


Nobody else could have accomplished what Gila has done for me and my family.  When I met Gila my life was falling apart. 


Since my divorce, my teenage daughter had not been speaking to me for a year and wouldn’t even be in the same room as me.  After I did the powerfully effective Levels 1 & 2 workshops, Gila showed me how to hold the space for my children and myself and eventually my daughter walked into my arms.  I never would have believed that this was possible. I believe that Gila Golub is the only person in the world that could have facilitated this healing for my family through her mastery and weaving of many disciplines especially her knowledge of ‘attachment theory’ from 30 years of study with Dr. Gordon Neufeld.

- Caroline Mundell, BCRPA Personal Trainer


In my professional experience as medical doctor and neuroscientist, I have studied  and practiced psychotherapy for over 25 years. Personally, in an effort to create peace in my own mind, I have searched numerous healing modalities far and wide, from Northern California to Southern India. I can say without reservation that I have found no better place in the world to heal than the work of Gila Golub. I have worked with Gila extensively and have not seen or experienced an approach that is more powerful, practical and effective, while at the same time being empathic and supportive. Gila’s work is absolutely life changing.


- Dr. Russell Kennedy  B.Sc. (Neuroscience),  MD



I struggled all my life in most of my relationships. Throughout my academic studies, my professional career and in my personal life, I attended hundreds of workshops, trainings, conferences and courses. 

After attending Gila’s Levels One, Two and Three group workshops I must say that they are the most brilliant, well presented and effective work that I have ever done in my life. I now see a new future for myself and my family. I have a new set of skills that I have taken away from Gila’s workshops, private sessions and weekly support Circles. I have never before seen such compassionate and effective follow-up to workshops.  I am excited to bring these skills and insights to my work to support and heal other families.


- Skye Scholander, B,A, , M.Sc., S- LP (c), BCBA

  Registered Speech Language Pathologist

  Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Forty-five years of study including nine years of university have not provided what I yearned to know and found in The Work of Gila Golub. The Tuesday evening group supported me as I moved through the transition from a constant feeling of self-loathing to learning to love myself.


- John Kuchenthal, Charter Member of BC College of Counselors


When I first met Gila (5 years ago), my marriage was pretty much over and I had not seen or spoken to my father in over 25 years.  As a result of Gila’s tremendous skill and dedication to my personal process and her unwavering commitment to healing families, my marriage in now thriving and I am reunited with my father whom I just visited in Europe, something I never dreamed possible.  My children have now met and will have a relationship with their grandfather and aunties.  My family is reunited.  I am sure that no other councillor in the world could have facilitated this healing in my family.


Ma rencontre avec Gila a été décisive et salvatrice dans mon évolution et celle de ma famille. Sa sensibilité son écoute sans complaisance m’ont permis de complètement changer ma vision du monde, d’en faire un monde de bonheur, d’abondance et de réaliser que nos pensées créent notre univers. S’il y avait une seule raison que je devais donner pour justifier ma venue a Vancouver je dirais sans hésiter GILA.


Un monde d’harmonie est la, il nous tend les bras, il n’y a qu’a se servir.


Gila MERCI, tu es ma "friendly soul » et je t’aime.


- Olivier Audibert



As someone who was adopted at 3, I struggled my whole life with relationships.  After doing your workshops, the impossible happened… I healed with my partner. I believe that new neuropathways were formed while participating in your workshops and Circles and my relationship with my partner continues to evolve and grow sweeter with each passing year.  It is a testament to me of just how important it is to continue ‘being in the room’. I thank you and Britta for your tremendous commitment to providing us with Circle (as safe place to continue our growth).


- Heather McLeod, Music Teacher



After participating in one weekend workshop, I began to transform my perception of the world and how I see my child.  Your knowledge of developmental attachment theory has been life altering for me and my son. I always felt invisible as a child experiencing what can only be called as abuse. Since your introductory workshops, I am healing with my parents and enjoying a loving relationship with them for the first time in my life.


You have shown me the dysfunctional patterns in my family system and I’m so excited knowing that with your guidance I will not be passing them on. Thank you for your patience, wisdom and continued support from the bottom of my heart.


- Kasha Riddle, Realtor



After observing the way Gila completely transformed the lives of three close friends, I was compelled to attend her workshops.  I was looking for a quick fix for my anxiety and was convinced that the peace, clarity and connection that I had seen in my friends were attainable for others, not for me. The idea of doing group work was not at all appealing to me either and after taking the intro workshops, I felt a transformation for the first time.


I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible community of people who are changing the world by changing themselves.  It truly feels like coming home.


- Katie Webster, Marketing Director



Gila has an incredible ability to guide me through the effects of my early wounding and the traumas of my family system so that I can stop recreating them.


Her private, one-on-one sessions supported me in creating tremendous abundance and joy in my life.


In all the many years of my involvement in personal growth work, I have never met anyone so skilled at or devoted to “tikun olam”, healing the world.


- Rochelle Eker



Thank you for teaching me how important and meaningful it is to love myself. That loving myself is not pride, selfish or arrogant. Rather it is the way in which we create an environment for all kinds of healing and growth. This is truly life changing in all aspects of my life – business, health and relationships! As someone who lives far away, I am so grateful that no matter how much time passes, I am always welcome at Circle and that you are available via Skype and phone sessions.


- Peter Crolow, President, Norcan Construction



I knew I wanted to transform my reactiveness but I didn’t know how. Thanks to your workshops and ongoing support through being on Team and experiencing the material over and over (assisting at every workshop since I did my Levels 1 & 2) I continue to shift at a deeper and deeper level. The speed at which I’m falling out of being reactive has been profound.  Thank you for teaching me how to be present.


- Kiki Frombach



I was resistant to spending money on workshops and didn’t think I would ever be able to afford them. Two years later, I was in the same place thinking the same thoughts, feeling desperate without money. When I got desperate enough, I called Gila who shed light on my way of thinking and explained that it that very thought that was keeping me stuck and unable to create abundance in my life. Taking her workshops was the best investment I have ever made in my life!


- Elaine Campbell



Like many others I was very resistant to doing group work and I was blown away by how beautiful and powerful it is. What did I come away with? The biggest thing is knowing that there is a community of supportive and non-judgmental people who are there to help each other.


Since I was did not experience attachment as a child, I have been struggling to find a way to connect and communicate with the father of my children since our marriage dissolved. I am so very grateful for Gila’s highly effective coaching in our private sessions to model and teach us a new way to be joined in a relationship, which our children so desperately seek. For Gila, the structure or restructuring of the family is essential for creating an environment in which children can grow and thrive.


- Maureen Lum, Real Estate Professional



Initially, I came to you with a health crisis. As a result of immersing myself in “The Work”, I am not only healing my body, but more importantly my mind. This has changed my entire life and the lives of my children, close friends and employees. The continuing group work provides me amazing insight and clarity as to how my thoughts create stress in my body and I know in my heart that working with you has by far been the biggest contributor in my healing. I am blown away by how brilliantly you have mastered so many disciplines, of so many great teachers and woven them together for us.


I am in awe of your dedication, love and availability for each one of us. In my mind, you are one of the greatest teachers of our time.


- Jose Gavina, Co-founder, i-worx enterprises



All my life “teachers” brought lessons that shaped me and formed me. I did not always know they were teachers, as they come in many forms. Some were the very darkness which tore open my Soul and excoriated my innocence. Others come in the form of gentleness, pouring light into my primal wounds, lifting the darkness that shrouded my Soul. You, Gila, are such a teacher. I have realized that each of us can rest in the lessons that have been learned and teach the lessons, by virtue of who we are. FREEDOM.


- Leslie Whittaker



Upon my return from Level 3, I now know what “conscious” looks like and feel able to find my way back when my ego wants me to go astray. The willingness and ability of Gila, Britta and the Team to LIVE what you teach is the GREATEST, most powerful aspect of the work. Complete integrity is observed and a vision of what sacred service to others looks like… I cannot thank you enough for giving me a way forward!


- Risa Greenwood



Your workshops are the best investment that I have ever made in my life, especially Level 3!  For anyone who is looking for help or counselling of any kind your workshops are THE place to go. I would suggest to anyone… don’t hold back, now is the time to make change in your life so you can find your way sooner than later.


- Nancy Gray



I noticed a tremendous change in my husband after he took Gila’s workshops and the big difference it made in our marriage and decided to take the risk of participating in the workshops myself. I am so very grateful to Britta and Gila for creating the on-going support that allowed me to go from being very skeptical and reticent to creating a beautiful life of health, abundance and loving relationships by addressing my early childhood wounding.


- Gaby Standfest-Krahe, Eldercare Professional



Participating in the Level 1 and 2 workshops gave me a solid foundation to develop an awareness in my personal growth and in raising my level of consciousness in ways that conventional therapy had not. After attending the powerful 8 day Level 3 intensive retreat I strongly believe it was not a single event or activity but the way all of these events and activities were woven together, which ultimately culminated in one of the most amazing weeks, if not the most amazing week of my life.  It has enriched every aspect of my life and my relationships.


- Philippe De Clerk, MPT, MBA, Registered Physiotherapist



Words cannot express my eternal gratitude for your guidance, support and devotion to me, our circle and “children”. Thank you with every fiber of my being.


After experiencing Breathwork in many places with many masters I have come to realization that your Breathwork seminars must be the most well facilitated, safest and most powerful on the planet.


- Candy Stanoyev, Food Technologist and PSYCH-K Facilitator



Before I was recommended to The Work of Gila Golub I was experiencing a serious health crisis. I was the GM of a large hotel and my life was completely out of balance.


I had spent a lot of time and money seeking solutions to my issues. It was only when I participated in Gila’s workshops, private sessions and Tuesday Circle that I was able to turn my life around and my health returned. Inspired by the example that Gila sets I am deeply committed to bringing consciousness to parenting my children and to my role as a leader in the business world. Thank you, Gila from the bottom of my heart.


- Judy Adams



Before I first did Level 1, I was very depressed and judgmental about myself and life was always a struggle. After completing all the workshops and actually applying the work on a daily basis, life no longer feels like a struggle. Goals and things that I wanted to accomplish in my life are coming to me with ease.  I accept myself and teach others to do the same. My relationship with my husband and his family is wonderful beyond anything that I could have imagined.


I am most grateful for the difference I see in my children who will not have to endure the pain and anger that I did later in life.  I have been having some amazing things happening in my life and it’s all because of the work that I did with Gila. I hope that she continues to do the work that she is doing and reach out to more people and create more amazing stories.


- Nina Bains



I have been working with Gila for many years and I feel completely transformed. I recently attended the Level 3 eight day intensive retreat. Although the entire week was magical, for me, the daily Breathwork was the most profound of the many modalities offered. The Women’s Ceremony was a great highlight and Gila you were a representation of what it is to be a great goddess and the Great Mother in your vulnerability and in your power. The week was so balanced and beautifully woven together creating an infinite life altering tapestry.


As classical musicians, my husband, Marcus Goddard, and I attribute much of our personal and professional success to The Work of Gila Golub. When we do “fall asleep” and begin to sabotage, Gila and the circle are there to remind and support us.


Now our beautiful family is a constant reflection of the many blessings we have realized through our work with Gila. Thank you from the depths of my heart, thank you for the gift of my life.


- Angela Goddard, Violinist



Gila Golub ‘s Level 3 workshop was a major turning point in my life. It was there that I shed the self- loathing and fear that I have dragged with me on each step of this journey. I do not have the words to express the exquisite sweetness of finally being at peace with who I am. I feel empowered. I feel free. I feel happy. My life used to be something I endured. Now it is an exciting adventure full of magic and mystery. Thanks to all her years of study with Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Gila was there to guide me step by step from being a paralyzed mother to a loving and effective mother. From the depths of my soul, thank you, Gila, for your work.


- Loris Adams, Primary School Teacher



The Work of Gila Golub has given me an understanding or frame work from which to make sense of my life experiences which included early and constant abandonment, and from this place, ultimately, I have made peace in my life. I came to this work having had breast cancer shortly after my youngest daughter was born. I didn’t know if I would last in my relationship with my husband and I was in crisis. Through these workshops, regular private sessions and the weekly circle, I have been able to transform my life and be at peace with whatever life brings me. It is my new perception that has changed my world!


- Amanda Richards


As I reflect on the past year, I am overflowing with gratitude and absolute wonder at all of the shifting and healing that has taken place....  In my own mind, heart and life, within my family, community and beyond. To be able to look back and see where I came from and what is infinitely possible going forward, is the greatest gift imaginable! My hand is on my heart as I reflect, and the words are coming from within my soul. That is the depth of my integration and my commitment. It is also the same place from which I thank you! I am unceasingly grateful for you and the Gift of your work.

- Pam Tobin, Co owner Sculpinfish Design



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