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For Vancouver Lower Mainland Workshops

Telephone:+1 604 261 4112

E-mail Gila:


For Victoria & Vancouver Island Workshops

Telephone:+1 250 744 6809

E-mail Britta:

I was hesitant about doing group work, but after seeing how my husband really shifted in such a positive way how he interacted with me and our children after taking Gila Golub’s level 2 workshop, I decided to do the workshops myself. It has been nothing short of transformative. In such a safe environment, as participants we learn as much from each other’s experiences as our own – it was amazing to discover how similar the core issues are that so many of us face in ourselves. Through the work I have been doing as taught by Gila, I am finding a level of joy and ease and peace in my life that I have never felt before. What a gift these workshops have been for me” - Sarah Plank, Communications Consultant, Victoria, B.C

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