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Gila Golub was born in Vancouver to parents who had fled Europe and the deprivations of the First World War. Her parents experienced starvation, fear and violence during their childhoods, which shaped their behavior as adults, as well as the manner in which they raised their two daughters. Gila’s mother was six years old when she arrived in Canada, and although she loved her family dearly, the impact of her early years led to a lifetime of anger and bitterness. Her father was a teenager when he immigrated and desperately wanted to go to school, but was to have no opportunity to do so. He became a baker and satisfied his passion for learning in a lifelong self-directed course of reading and study.


Gila traveled the world during the course of a twenty-five year career with Air Canada. Inspired by her father’s thirst for knowledge, she spent years in libraries preparing for each trip. Eventually she married, built a house and had two children. Despite having the dream job, being married, having healthy, wonderful children, and a beautiful home, she found she was replicating some of the conditions of her childhood and sabotaging her life.  In her process of overcoming patterns set during childhood, Gila drew on the autodidacticism, self-directed study, learned from her father in order to heal her relationship with herself and with those around her.

Gila spent years seeking help from a variety of sources, to little or no avail. She encountered many approaches that didn’t work, and eventually, some that did. She found teachers who taught her to change her perceptions, which had been formed by her early childhood experiences. By changing her perceptions, she changed her relationships from being terribly dysfunctional to tolerant and even very sweet. Along the way, the teacher within her emerged. She was called upon to discuss the knowledge she’d acquired through years of training, practice and study which proved to be tremendously effective in guiding others through their struggles and suffering, to lives of fulfillment and peace. She has since created an acclaimed program of workshops, private sessions and group work. Gila has been married for forty-two years and her fabulous adult children have ventured forth into the world and she is thrilled to welcome her second grandchild.


“…Gila uses her amazing presence, exceptional presentation skills and clarity of expression to educate. She constantly reminds me what faith, compassion, wisdom, love and empathy look like, and in so doing, allows me to see those attributes in myself.”  - Garry Hunt



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